SCC Training Room 24/7 ACCess

Cost: additional $15/ month added to membership for full access.


The SCC Training Room is just that, a 24 hour facility dedicated to conditioning and training for climbing. At the SCC Training Room you will a 45 degree "Spray Wall;" a wall near completely filled with holds of all varieties, set up to train almost any type of hold or move.  The Tension Board enables symmetrical training with it's large and ever growing catalog of climbs, and comp style slab problems are set weekly on our slab wall, focusing on balance and coordination type movement. The Training Room also has a complete assortment of training tools, including free weights, medicine balls, kettle bells, gymnastic rings, top of the line hang boards, and an 18' wide campus board with rungs, pinches and sloper balls for all ability levels.  In addition, you can get your cardio in on the spin bike or ski rower.  Get your training in on your time, 24 hours a day, at the SCC Training Room.   

3645 Jeannine Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80917 unit Q on the South side of the building.