Our Inspiration, Co-Founder, and Route Pioneer: 

Ric began his long climbing career in the early 1970′s. Ric quotes, “That was back when legends like Chouinard, Robbins, Kor, and Gill were looked up to by newcomers like me.” In the 1980′s Ric focused on rock climbing, bouldering, alpine climbing, and ski mountaineering . “Then sport climbing came along and I was hooked. That’s all I wanted to do.” He co-founded the Springs Climbing Center in 1992 with friends Erick Christianson & Mark VanHorn. During the peak of his career Ric competed in and organized several national & regional competitions. He also established many routes in our region’s more popular climbing & bouldering areas such as Shelf Road and Ute Valley. “I’m so pleased to see Austin carry on this legacy with the support of Alex & Lex!” Ric now lives in Pueblo West, Colorado with his wife Cindy. He now enjoys sailing these days but says climbing still is and will always be a big part of his life.

Our Committed Owners:

Austin has been actively involved in many aspects of the sport of climbing since his early childhood. Aside from being a very accomplished climber—competing anywhere from local competitions in his youth, to a bouldering world cup in Paris, France—Austin has been an active participant in the development of many local bouldering and sport climbing destinations. Besides climbing, Austin enjoys sail boating with his family and spending time with his girlfriend Alexis and his dog Tucker.

Lex was introduced to the sport of climbing in 1999 by two friends at the Springs Climbing Center. Since that time Lex has progressed through the sport enjoying different types of climbing but having a natural affinity towards the freedom and movement of bouldering. Lex enjoys playing his guitar and going on camping trips with his family. He currently lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Karissa and three year old son Asher, and one year old daughter Emelia. 

Alex has been a committed contributor to the climbing community for several years. He enjoys taking frequent climbing trips throughout Colorado and Utah and focuses on cultivating a spirit of respect and a sense of stewardship towards the outdoors—specifically regarding our delicate climbing areas.  Alex is an accomplished musician and also enjoys capturing his various climbing excursions through photography and film.


Our Hardworking Team:

Chris Canela - Jack of all trades

Sir Christopher Canela started his adventure with SCC in 2015. He is neat.


Chauncey Carroll: ClimbFit Trainer

Chauncey learned to climb right here at the SCC when she was four years old. She developed a passion for climbing while training with coach, Cindy Geiman, the co-founder’s wife and owner Austin’s mom. Chauncey enjoys the competitive aspect of climbing and has competed in several world championships and world cups on the US Team. Her passion is to inspire people to healthy living through physical activity and nutrition, and she holds her bachelor’s in Health and Exercise Science and is a Certified Personal Trainer. She loves to hike with her husband Jake and dog Hazel, or sip black coffee while reading The Chronicles of Narnia.